Allie Nicole is a new teen in the industry with a voracious sexual appetite. I was lucky enough to talk to her recently and she is not shy about what she likes and doesn’t like! She is in LA full time and is ready to bring all your kinky fantasies to life!

GirlCum: Tell me about Allie Nicole.

Allie Nicole: I’m from Texas, very, very east Texas, almost Louisiana. I come from a very religious family, I’m a preacher’s daughter. I’m the epitome of the girl from Footloose. 100%. I’ve accepted it. I am her. It’s so weird to me having this double life on social media. I’ll go on my personal account under my legal name back to my porn stuff. When I first started, I was so careless with it. I would post a porn picture on my regular account and have a mini heart attack while I delete it and pray to God that nobody saw it. My whole family knows what I do.

GC: Even the preacher? How does he take it?

Allie: I’m ostracized. I’m just a very open and blunt person so a month into it, I said, ‘Look, I talk to you guys all the time. I can’t just keep having these conversations with you and not tell you what’s going on in my life.’ I didn’t want to give somebody the opportunity to be vengeful or hateful and threaten to tell my family. I’d rather they hear it from me.

More information about Porn Star Allie Nicole:

  • Date of Birth : January 11th
  • Hometown : East Texas (US)
  • Measurements : 32B – 24 – 32
  • Height : 5’2 (1.57m)
  • Hair Colour : Blonde
  • Eye Colour : Green
  • Shoe Size : Women’s 6 (US)